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While the “industry standard” may be to charge according to your pet’s weight, we don’t feel that should be a factor.  Just as you are not charged less for Aunt Sally because she weighed less than Uncle Joe, you do not love your Great Dane more than you do your Pekinese.  We offer the same gentle, compassionate and dignified care to every pet and family we serve, no matter the shape, type, size or breed. 

Of course, cost wise, there are exceptions, hamsters, ferrets, and birds for example, and we are happy to discuss the fee with you.  Just give us a call. 

Cremation service includes: Bringing your pet into our care from veterinarian, funeral professional, or delivery to our facility (requires an appointment) during business hours, *crematory charge, delivery of your pet’s cremated remains, and personalized cremation certificate.  We offer many other services, please see our detailed price list for more choices.

DOGS:  $200.00                                                 

plus the container/urn of your choice

CATS:  $140.00

(small dogs will qualify for Cat pricing) plus the container/urn of your choice

*price is based on individual partitioned cremation, exclusive private is $100.00 additional.



“Who would think one could get so attached to a snail?”